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Version 6.2

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Released on April 6, 2021

Updated on June 27, 2022* (UltraRecall.exe in Help | About)

  • Make searches for Unicode text case-insensitive.
  • Command to copy link address in text editor (Format | Copy Link Address).
  • Keep cursor and scroll position after locking/unlocking item or changing tabs.
  • Restore previous session tabs when opening items from command-line when UR is not running.

    Bug Fixes
  • HTML export: Fix for outlining features, don't export empty links for items with no content.*
  • Incorrect scroll position when switching to tab of web page item.* []
  • Assigning flag attribute does not retain flag font customizations.* []
  • Flag fonts not updated immediately after customizing.* []
  • Error after editing documents externally.* []
  • Always honor tree scroll options.* []
  • Message header sometimes shown twice.
  • Searches on user-defined keywords containing punctuation don't work.
  • Prevent split/join of items with children.
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