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Question SourceSafe label question

I have a curious problem with SourceSafe - I'd like to be able to label and extract by label to be able to reproduce builds. However, I have found that some nested projects don't behave. For example, if I have some projects like this:


when I label the ParentProject and then attempt to extract recursively from the ParentProject using the label, I get "version not found" when some of the ChildofChild projects are processed. Most of these nested projects work fine. I have been unable to determine what aspects of these projects cause problems. This is really a SourceSafe problem, since I see it from the SourceSafe GUI as well, but I was hoping someone out there might have seen this also????

(It appears to work OK if I label the root project $/, but I would like to be able to label subsets of the archive.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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