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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
It sounds like maybe what you want to do is save the .bld file in the same location as the .sln file, and then be able to re-open that .bld file later on to build just the current solution outside of VS?
That sums it up very well. I use VSBuild extensively on all my projects and some of the built scripts do quite a few tasks. VSBuild saves me heaps of time and effort and I highly recommend all and sundry to use it.

I have in the past used one VSBUILD project to control all my VSBuild projects spread over 15+ dll's and programs. I know this sounds familiar This has suited me fine to date and I have had no real need to use the button on the VS Toolbar. I am now changing my methodology so that individual programs and in particular dll's can be compiled and distributed individually. The use of the VS button has now become an important function for me.

Keeping the auto re-load of the last project would also be important to me when running VSBuild from the command line/desktop however I would expect the VS button would act the way you describe. I presume some configuration of the buttons functionality would be included somewhere within the VS solution itself.

Can this be implemented in a short space of time, if at all

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