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Re: ashwken's Data Structure

Originally posted by armsys
1. What's inside the _System Items and _User-Defined KW folders?
2. Does _user-Defined KW consist of Search Info Items?
3. How do you create the _User-Defined KW contents, programmatically or manually? In particular, how are the KWs generated?
These questions stem from the screen shots posted to this thread:

The Folder _System Items is a user created folder, something that I create after starting a new urd, it contains the default UR Items created by the File | New function. It allows me to move these default Items out of the way while I work on development of the new database. Generally, I end up deleting this folder at some point.
EDIT: This might be of interest.

Help - Miscellaneous

User-defined new Info Database: When a new Info Database is created, by default a pre-defined Info Database is used. A user-defined Info Database can replace this default by placing your own Info Database, named template.urd, in the user's Ultra Recall data folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Kinook Software\UltraRecall\).
The remainder of the questions pertian to User-Defined Keywords and creation of a "dummy" Item discussed in this thread:

The screen shots mentioned above (threadid=3361) were made from an earlier version of the Habitat for Humanities database, the Folder _User-Defined KW was eventually deleted (finished up the work on my home system).


4. Is New Folder a derived template or just plain Info Item?
Yes, it's a derived Template - Folder; actually it's a bit of trash that got deleted.


5. Given that two urds were offered by you, you appear to be more inclined to mulitple-urd database design, aren't you?
Yes, generally I'll create a database to address a specific task, interest, or answer a group of questions. In some cases I try to keep in mind that the databases could be merged into a larger more general database at some point in the future.

Also, every new project that I work on teaches me more about UR, my methods are still evolving, and I still haven't fully translated what I learned about data normalization into the UR framework and parlance.


6. How do you generate the account numbers such as 100524 without duplicates? Are the account number generated programmatically or manually (ie, visual lookup)?
This refers to the original screen shots uploaded for this thread (threadid=3361), which have since been replaced.

The account number that you refer to (100524) is a Multiple Listing Number (MLS), and the Item represents a Real Estate Listing held by the firm. The MLS No is generated when entering a Listing into a MLS System.

The Item Title for a Listing Item takes the following form:

(MLS No) - (Seller Name) - (Listing Address)

Each "part" of the Item Title is also an Attribute. The Item Title is user created (it would be nice if I could define the Item Title from a calculation).

The children of a Listing Item are the typical things (Items) used to track a piece of inventory: pdfs of legal docs, images, link to Seller Contact Item, correspondence, etc...

This database also tracks Advertising Events-Costs for a Listing, and Lockbox and Signage assignment. I haven't worked in a Transactions (Sales) sibling yet.

I have a separate db for Lead Tracking, different set of needs.

I am not convinced that my methods are totally sound, nor is my understanding complete, take it all with a grain of salt.

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