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Version 7.1

Released on February 25, 2009

New Actions
  • Make VS 2010
  • Installer2Go

  • Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 compatibility.
  • Linux and Mac OS X compatibility (via Wine).
  • Print/preview active pane as displayed in GUI app.
  • Optimize refresh of Call Stack and Watches panes during build.

    Action Enhancements
  • ADO action: 1) Add Macro name field to specify name of macro to store recordset in (Command tab); 2) Add provider for Access 2007 (Connection tab).
  • Run Program action (and all actions that run programs): Add Command to run before main command field on Advanced tab (useful for executing a batch file or command script that creates or updates environment variables [i.e., vsvars32.bat] -- the main command's environment will inherit the environment variables updated by the batch file -- or to enable redirection and piping of the main command).

    Bug Fixes
  • Hang during installation for some users.
  • Crash could occur when loading project with encrypted properties.
  • Closing VBP during Rebuild Selected does not exit after build stops and exits without prompting to stop/save on next close.
  • Check for updates always checks in January.
  • File processing actions: Incorrectly included files in hidden folders even if excluded.
  • Copy Files and Burn CD/DVD actions: could create empty folders that don't match includes/excludes when including empty folders.
  • FTP and Telnet actions: SSH1/SSH2 protocol options do not log or display fingerprint and default to wrong port.
  • Make VS.NET / 2005 / 2008 actions: 1) Error when parsing .vfproj file; 2) Unable to locate MSBuild with partial .NET Framework install.
  • Process Files and FTP actions: Support specifying path and filename/mask in source folder field (instead of path in source folder field and filename/mask in Include field).
  • StarTeam action: Port field not moved when resizing window.
  • Surround SCM action: Username field being ignored.
  • VisBuildPro Project action: Remote and wait properties not loaded correctly from pre-v7 projects.
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