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16. Whenever you get too many external files in such a sub-folder, consider dividing your UR subtree as well, to get another sub-folder, too. Or, if these files are rather similar, just numerous, consider getting "divider files", empty .txt files that you name "ez_____.txt", etc., to make separator lines for your files, grouping your files by renaming not by "originalname(content/coding).suffix", but by content/coding.originalname.suffix. And yes, why not doing sub-folders of an additional sub-level in SOME cases, if too many similar files splatter around.

Just avoid, really avoid, a deep file structure mimicking your item structure. Have a rather "high" item level down to which you "synch" your AO / UR / similar material and your external files, and then do NOT try to synch any further down.

(To be continued with other initial omissions or YOUR ideas, ok?!)
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