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Multi-user - Client/Server


I have using UR since 2007 in a network with multiple 2-3 users. We are very happy with the rich functionality in UR.
I really would like to expand the usage to 18-20 users, but the lack of true client/server a limiting factor.
UR is based on shared SQLite db-files we are concerned about speed, possible corruption and other problems, although I have not testet with more than 3 users simultanously.

I am still looking for an alternative - and have not found anything matching the outstanding functionality found in UR!
TreePad seem to be the only somewhat similar, but it's more limited and not as user friendly and also it's an outdated product not developed anymore.

Cloud-based systems are not an alternative, I want a self-hosted Group Information Manager.

Thinking about it, there ought to be a marked for a self-hosted solid IP-based true Client/Server information manager with the rich functionality of UR. Not everything belongs in the cloud.

Thus, I would really really like to see UR being further evolved into a true Client/Server system. This would mean a version that will use a standard (free/low cost) SQL Server.

Also I see there is a SQLite alternative for client/server, called SQLitening, see and

Maybe this makes a port much easier than to a completely different SQL db?

Does Kinook have any thoughts on this?

Also, what does the road map for Ultra Recall look like presently?

Kind regards
Viggo Kleven
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