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Search problems [resolved]

My main database has got almost 60,000 items (mostly text, some pics in text, no external documents), almost 1.2 GB in all.

Problem a)

Most (simple) searches take a long or even very long time, albeit I have "enhanced full-text search" enabled. The same after "compact/repair database" with "enable enhanced full-text search features" DIS-abled, and then the same with EN-abled, i.e. after recreation of the index (I suppose this double "compact and repair" in this way, recreates the index).

Needs long time even for single word with option "just in titles", almost 60,000 items to search, but since there is an index, I'm surprised it takes this long.

Problem b)

(Those "Enhancements" always enabled, since I want them to be available in other searches, and switch between enhancements off and on needs compact-and-repair which for enabling the enhancements needs a long time.)

After stopping the search (because it takes too long), the "database is locked" problem. In order to unlock the database then, just closing it will not do (control-F4 does not work then), and closing several databases and UR (by alt-F4) will work, but then, UR will not open anymore (by clicking on the desktop symbol).

Just a complete Windows restart will help, since then, clicking on the desktop symbol will reopen UR (and the databases that were open), and they work as expected.

I suppose there will not be short-term solutions?
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