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Please forgive my above error, I could have found it - and found it now - within the "Search Options" help: "Match anywhere in word by default ... Note that this does not use an indexed search and can be slow."

I obviously had not been aware of this, and with a database of 60,000 items, it's clear as day that this brought problems, unnecessarily indeed, since I don't even need this functionality.

Thank you very much again for your very kind help, and again, the Search has been working perfectly ever since! (Unfortunately, I can't change the thread title, but you could: > "Search problems (resolved)"!

I would like to suggest implementing more shortkeys to the Search; these would be of tremendous help, some of them being of much more use to some users, others to others, and the implementation should not ask for much work I hope?

Please see below; according to your possible comments, or to comments of other users, I could re-think and come up with some other alternatives:

General Menu:
Alt-abefghiortvw = 12

Thus available for Alt-...: cdjklmnpqsuxyz = 14 (Total = 26)

currently used in "Search": Alt-l, n (in "Quick" only), s, u (in "Advanced" only)

("Stop" button does not need a shotcut, since it's also available by "Escape")

"Quick Search":


"&Search for:"


Start (per "Enter")
Reset (why not Alt-z, similar to ^z "Undo"? could be written "Reset (&z)")
Copy (why not Alt-c?)


Search titles only (I need to toggle this again and again; no "natural" Alt-key available here, but it would just be needed in "Quick"),
THUS, why not Alt-q (written as "Search titles only (&q)")
IF you are willing to change the &Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane to Alt-d ("&Data..."), the Alt-l would become
available for "Search tit&les only", but that's not really needed, I would be perfectly happy with "Search titles only (&q)",
the important thing is that there will be a shortcut, any shortcut, for this toggle
OR "Search titles only (&u)" if you don't want to change, in "Advanced", "Q&uick" to "&Quick", since any "Quick" shortcut will only
be used in "Advanced" and thus will be available for "Search titles only", a command only available in "Quick Search".

and, as in "Advanced":
Match whole words (why not Alt-m?)
&Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane (meaning the selected sub-tree, I also need to toggle this again and again)
Search only user-defined keywords (why not Alt-k?)
Include items in the Recycle Bin (why not Alt-y?)

"Advanced Search" (caption is always "Quick Search" though"):


&Search for: (as in "Quick")


Start (as in "Quick")
Reset (as in "Quick") (see above)
Copy (as in "Quick") (see above)
Q&uick (Search) (could better be Alt-q instead, see "Store dates..." below)


Store dates relative to current date (suggested: Alt-u, i.e. c&urrent, with &Quick instead of Q&uick, is more mnemonic)
OR, if you don't want to change the Q&uick, Store &dates, i.e. Alt-d here

and, as in "Quick" (see above):
Match whole words (suggested as above: Alt-m)
&Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane
Search only user-defined keywords (suggested as above: Alt-k)
Include items in the Recycle Bin (suggested as above: Alt-y)
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