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Sorry, I just discovered your answer now, my inadvertency.

I am aware of that, sorry for not commenting on this "problem" in my post above. But I think that within the special "context" of the Search Pane (not also: Search Results Pane) having focus - both user interface wise and technically (UR internals) -, the user would NOT be tempted to get to those functions, so their otherwise global shortcuts having another function within this special context would be acceptable; this being said, in order e.g. to toggle specific check-boxes there (e.g. "title only"), not only Alt-shortcuts would / could work, but also Control-shortcuts.

This being said, I suppose that with external macros, I could toggle "Button8" (for this "Search titles only" example), etc., will have to look into this; the latter not being a "general public" solution obviously.
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