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I would like to make a search scope suggestion.

When I am in a hoisted tab (i.e. 2 tabs, tab 1 comprising the whole tree, current tab 2 displaying a (in case, quite considerable) sub-tree), "Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane" does exactly that, so if I want to restrain my search to the hoisted sub-tree, I first must select the "source", the hoisted item for the items currently displayed, whilst the general search, even in the hoisted tab, works on the full, original tree, which in almost any use case is not what the user will want (I'm speaking for other users here, but I'm quite sure I'm not mistaken in that).

So my suggestion would be that general search within a hoisted tab should, "behind the scenes", apply the "Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane" functionality (= which is already there, so technically, it would be easy) to the source item of the hoisted tab, independently of which item in the hoisted tab currently is the current item.

Selecting the "Limit search to selected item in Data Explorer pane" would then, even in a hoisted tab, continue to apply to what it says, i.e. further limit the search scope to the current item and its sub-items.

And in the rare use cases where the user, from within a hoisted tab, would want to search by general scope, they would have to switch back to the un-hoisted tab, but then, if you want to work upon a search result beyond the scope of the current hoist, from within a hoisted tab, that causes problems anyway, so my suggestion would at least create a neat scope for the search results; currently, if you don't first select the source item before your "hoisted tab" search AND check "Limit search to...", you not only also get search results from outside of the hoisted sub-tree, but, even more of a problem, you cannot even identify those visually from those within the "hoist" (the possible column "Parent Title" just showing the immediate parent item, so it's rarely a reliable indication). Thus, I think that my suggestion will, after all, not harm any current use case but enhance the alleged "user experience" for any user.

EDIT: If really there was a risk that some users could not be happy about that change, there's always the possibility to create an option in Tools - Options - Search, "In hoisted tab, don't apply general search to the hoisted part only." or something like that... I'm sure nobody would check that option then. Or then the other way round, with everybody checking the option consequently.

Perhaps, and if an option really should be needed, a wording like "Search applies to full tree even in hoisted [better: "hoisting"?] tabs" would probably be best, with this option NOT being selected by default.

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