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"Perform phrase match by default" (in Tools - Options - Search" (set to ON)) is not always reliable.

I have got searches for "Art. 10" for example, any number here, "Art." short for "Article" but as "Art." in the text.

If I search for
"Art. 10"
I get correct results, but if I search for
Art. 10
(which, according to my option setting, should bring the same results), I get endless lists of items where just "Art. anynumber" occurs, AND where anywhere in the text, the number in question also occurs, so for
Art. 10
the option "Perform phrase search..." does not work.

The dot after "Art" may be the culprit here, haven't got the time to look deeper into this. Is there any known explanation, so that we can foresee the situations in which this will occur? Is the way the elements are indexed playing here?

As said, no problem with enclosing "".
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