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[RESOLVED] Pulling user environment variables from batch script?

Hi, New to VBP and trying to port our existing scripts.

For our build process we have a batch script that runs our build step. It sets about 100 user environment variables and then launches devenv.exe. This allows Visual Studio to run with all the necessary env variable paths it will need to do the build.

How can I mimic this in VBP. I see the SET MACRO command looks like it will let me do it one-by-one. But I really don't want to type 100 user env variables in manually.

How can I call the batch file to load the user vars into the script from the batch file so that when I run the Make VS 2008 command, it will have all the necessary env variables? Or maybe there is a simple textarea box that i can just copy paste them easily all at once:

I've tried calling the batch file command right before the make command, but as I assumed, that didn't work.


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