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How to change the fonts and colors in Ultra Recall

Ultra Recall follows the user's Windows display settings for colors and fonts.

For Windows 7, these settings are configured in the Windows Control Panel under Display -> Appearance and Personalization, Change window glass colors (below Personalization), Advanced appearance settings....

For Windows 10, see

To customize the background window color of all panes, change the Window item.

To customize the background color of a rich text item, see

By default, the font in most panes (except Item Details, which is configured at Tools | Options | Editor in Ultra Recall) uses the settings configured for the Icon item in the above appearance settings in Windows. The menu font uses the Menu item settings, and the pane caption font is controlled by the Palette Title item. The various pane fonts can also be customized within Ultra Recall at Tools | Options | Fonts. Configure the aforementioned items (Icon, Window, Palette Title) in the Appearance Control Panel applet to change the colors and fonts in UR as needed.

The size of the font used on forms can be adjusted in the Windows Control Panel under Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> General -> DPI setting on Windows XP, Personalize -> Adjust font size (DPI) on Windows Vista, Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Set custom text size (DPI) on Windows 7, or Appearance and Personalization -> Display on Windows 8.

See here for further customizing of the font used on forms:

Different variations of window colors and styles can also be chosen by changing the Paint theme at Tools | Customize | Options in Ultra Recall.
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