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Well I would say I've had the same kind of experience, though not going back quite as far as 11 years - I mean with regard to the absolute stability and reliability of UR. I've never had this happen to any other database. So it is a bit of a mystery. It cropped up in the context of trying to split an item, and failing. Something did definitely go wrong there.

I do have databases where I store Word, Excel, PDF and so on, though not in this one. Never had any problems with them. Frankly there is no obvious culprit.

Several compact and repairs didn't fix it, including a reset to default settings. I tried copying and pasting items into a new database, but they just brought the problem with them. I'm not too worried. I'll probably export the items to CSV and reimport them somewhere else. It has not in any way put me off using UR.
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