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More on Splitting Items

hi Kinook,

I have worked out what (for me anyway) causes the error I reported earlier in relation to splitting an item. I can reliably produce it if in a database I try to split an item, and the options I have set under Import do not correspond with what I am doing.

E.g. if I try to split an item but the "Split text on separator" box is unchecked, I get the error message as previously noted: "ItemAttribute table references missing row" etc. Or if the box is checked, but the item does not contain separators corresponding to what is in the separator box in Options, I get the error message. At this point if you Undo enough you come out of the error message; but I suspect if you keep trying to use the Split command when things don't match up as described above, you can end up as I did with other problems: missing template folder etc.

So now I know how to avoid the error happening - but it doesn't seem a very "forgiving" way of doing things...


David F.
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