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Version 1.3a

Released on June 17, 2005

Bug Fixes
  • Document Sync or Store Contents reverted the Item Title to the default, not-provided value.
  • Editing Item Title of existing Info Items didn't update the related auto-generated keywords.
  • Obscure error saving certain web pages with a commented recursive Meta refresh tag.
  • CSV import improvements to handle missing empty values at end of row (as produced by Microsoft Outlook, etc).
  • Attributes Editor button on XML/CSV import didn't refresh the Attributes Drop-down.
  • Pasting text didn't honor the DefaultChildTemplate setting.
  • Stored web pages exported to file containing # in filename wouldn't render properly in Firefox.
  • Parent Title not searchable in new 1.3.0 databases (but was searchable in databases upgraded from a previous version).
  • Removing existing Item Notes didn't fully remove existing value so Exists-type Advanced Search still detected its presence.
  • Cross-db copy of stored documents from updated 1.3.0+ db to new database created invalid internal DocType attribute.
  • "No Process" checkbox on URL import page disabled if unchecked (shouldn't be initially be enabled).
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