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How to transfer settings and options to another computer

Ultra Recall menu, toolbar, pane customizations, options, and settings are stored at the following locations:

1) Registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall

To open RegEdit to this location, press Win+R (to show the Run dialog), type regedit and press Enter (to start RegEdit), then navigate to the above path.

2) File system: %APPDATA%\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall

To open Explorer to this location, press Win+R (to show the Run dialog), then copy and paste the path above into the Run dialog (or the Explorer address bar) and press Enter.

To backup these settings, exit UR, then export the above registry key (using RegEdit) and copy/ZIP the files in the above folder (type/paste the address into a Windows Explorer address bar to navigate there).

To use these settings on a new computer/OS, install, run, and exit UR, then import/copy/unzip the registry settings and files to the same locations on the new computer (replacing any existing files/settings).

To reset customizations, exit UR and delete the above registry key and folder, or uninstall UR, choosing Yes to delete user customizations, and reinstall.

Note: When run from a USB drive, options and settings are stored in .ini and .dat files in the same path as UltraRecall.exe. To delete customizations, delete these files.
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