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Let me see if this discussion might go forward better around some more specific issues in linking.

I don't know whether it makes sense to test the limits of UR's liking capability. Something that's technically possible isn't necessarily conceptuably meaningful. Of course no one is forced to use all the possibilities afforded by logical linking.

For instance, you can link documents to folders or other documents (among other possibilities), but nothing stops the user from setting as a rule to himself to forego linking documents to documents. The user could conceivably create the kind of a priori folder hierarchy, per Idea!, to implement facet analytic concepts in knowledge management. [The user might then choose between the two programs on other criteria, such as in which the ergonomics of linking is better, which has the superior writing environment (UR), or which has the better external linking (Idea!). Or which allows you to use the linkages directly to find documents with Boolean operations prefigured (Idea!).]

PureMoxie does not indicate he links documents to documents. I wonder if others find document to document linkages more than trivially useful.

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