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New GTD template...

We have received several requests and comments about using Ultra Recall to implement GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) and my curiousity about the "system" was enough for me to read the book and try it myself (using Ultra Recall, of course!).

In my initial blog I gave my take on the book, and my general impressions of GTD. Since that point I have experimented and created my own initial GTD template for Ultra Recall, which is attached (zipped) to this post. My latest blog on GTD (on the Kinook blog) gives more detail on this sample and my ongoing experience with GTD...

Note: Due to the flexibility of Ultra Recall, many different ways to solve organizational problems with it exist. I mention this to underscore that my alternative GTD implementation is not necessarily superior to other user GTD submissions, but seemed more intuitive to me for my personal needs. Your mileage may vary and you will likely want to incorporate concepts from multiple templates to achieve an optimal solution for your unique situation.
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