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Is there any way I could get the ItemID info, and/or the Flag info (in any form)

- into the exported content files (i.e. into the ItemTitle.html files within the ID-number-titled export sub-folders)

- into the export "reference files" ("Export.html" or "toc.html", in case)?

As it is today - I analyzed, for hours again, the various UR export alternatives, and whilst checking ("on") the "Flag" and the "ItemID" entries in the "Export - Select Atttributes" dialogue, NO trace of those (ID and Flag (e.g. the internal UR database flag code) were to be found in either of those files ("reference" file or specific content file) for any item, I tried Html - Html, Html - Static, Html - Dynamic...

- I would need the "flag" info (ideally already within the "reference" file, but then at least within the specific content file) in order to identify, in further processing, which child items of a given parent item (from which the "export" is triggered) will ultimately be imported into the target application, and I

- I would need the ID info, within the "reference file" already, in order to clearly distinguish specific content files where those have got identical titles

- For these identifications, it is true that the "reference files" mentioned above (i.e. "Export.html" or "toc.html") mention, for every item, its "tree number" (i.e. 1 for the parent item, then 1.1, 1.2., 1.2.1, etc.), but these "indentation numbers" (or whatever we call them) will not help either for the identification of the items since those numbers are NOT replicated within the respective content .html files.

Or then, worded otherwise:

Why do I find neither ItemID nor "Flag" (in whatever form) within the "export" (UR for the UR export naming its sub-folders by the ItemIDs anyway, if I "check" ItemID" in the "Export - Select Attributes" list or not), even when I specifically "check" (i.e. activate) those attributes in the above-mentioned dialogue?

In which format are those info (flag ideally within the "reference file", but then at least within the respective content file, in order for my script to decide "item is to be included into target file import y/n"; ID also in the "reference file", in order to distinguish two or more content files with the same title) implemented into the export - IF I "check" them in the "Export - Select Attributes" dialogue?

EDIT: I obviously also checked index.html, mktree.js, mktree.css and other "reference" files for those info where available, but to no avail in every case.

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