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Can't save result from HTTP step to file when using Post?

My first issue with the HTTP step in my other topic was solved, however I'm facing another problem:

Normally you can write the result from the HTTP request to a file (or a macro, or just discard it = none). However when using Post to include form data, the output does not seem to be written to a file anymore? I can still see the output in the VBP log (when enabling Log: Data in the HTTP step), but what I need is saving the output to a file.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but it seems to make a distinction between either Get something *OR* Post/Put something. Of course the latter can still give a normal result i.e. http output (just like when using Get), which I'd like to save to a file just as much

(I understand the difference between HTTP POST and GET requests, but obviously in either case the server can return stuff)
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