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Perhaps this will help with the "big picture"-

Goal - Create a new Project form and have it appear when I add a new Project Item.


1. Create several new Item Attributes (fields).
Tools | Attributes | Insert "Project Reference"

2. Create a new form called Project.
Tools | Forms | Insert 'Project' and use the pulldowns to add the Attributes that I desire to appear on the form. (select Help in the Form Editor for explanation of the layout choices)

3. Associate the newly created Project Form with the existing Template named Project.
In the Data Explorer Pane, select the Template named Project. In the Item Attributes Pane, go to the Attribute named Form and change the value using the pulldown to Project.

Now each Item created from the Template Project will have the Project Form displayed in the Item Details.

Is this helpful or do you need assistance with one of the "Tasks"?

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