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Glad to see we're in sync a bit.

I think that over time, software *will* emerge from somewhere to give us what we are looking for. It probably won't be URP. I find TheBrain to be very useful in complementing what I can do with mindmap software and URP. But it probably won't be that either.

I find many overlaps in the functioning of UPR and TB - especially in the areas of searching external documents and connecting from one point in a database to another. I also find both programs wanting in many significant areas. Not being a techie, I can only make requests and leave it to the business decisions of the developers as to whether they can accommodate me.

When I compare UPR to the old DOS programs Tornado, IZE, MaxThink, and MemoryMate (I do miss MaxThink and its sibling Houdini), I think we've come a long way. And no one told Kinook to do anything. The free market inspired the development, and as long as the current idiots in the political class don't muck things up too terribly in the free market, I fully expect new software wonders in this area going forward.

What you write here might well give someone somewhere inspiration to take the torch, even if that turns out to be someone currently unknown to anyone.

- Bal
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