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Customizing menus

If you decide to customize the menus, pay attention to "dynamic" menu items, the text of which always depends on the current condition.
For example the third menu item of the View menu has a text "Child Items" in most cases, but after searching, it will change to "Search Results" or to "Selected Items" if more items are selected in Data Explorer.
If you modify the text of an altering menu item, the new text will be permanent, the menu item text loses the "dynamic" behavior (while the menu item continues to execute the expected action).
Pay attention to the following ones:
Edit | <5th menu item ... Ctrl+Shift+C>
View | <3rd menu item ... Ctrl+3>
View | <8th menu item (Expand/Collapse)>
Item | <9th menu item ... Ctrl+Shift+0>
However, if you get involved in this situation and you want to recover the original status, don't attempt to rewrite any of the original texts; you should rather delete the menu item text.
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