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Search and case (in)sensitivity

My remarks refer to a quick search with activated option "Search titles only" but I assume they concern searching in general.


A) Searching with latin letters is case insensitive:

- Typing abend in the search field will show me as result both a title abend or ABEND.

- The same vice versa when typing ABEND.

B) However searching with greek letters is unfortunately case sensitive:

- Typing "στεφανι" in the search field will show as result only a title στεφανι but not a title ΣΤΕΦΑΝΙ.

- And the same restriction vice versa when typing ΣΤΕΦΑΝΙ.

Would it be possible to make the search with non-latin characters also case insensitive? It would be highly appreciated. Technically it is definitely feasible because it works e.g. in MyInfo or RightNote.

No big issue but nevertheless it should be mentioned (and if possible fixed):

In German we have the "Umlaute": /, / and /

The search with Umlaute does not succeed case insensitive:

Searching with ABHREN I only find ABHREN, but not abhren. (And again vice versa.)

In other apps this also works fine.

In general I miss an option to choose between performing a case sensitive or a case insenitive search. Is it not available or can I simply not find it?

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