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Display the SAME attributes for ALL items in a db? Display user attributes there?


There is the pane "Item Attributes"; in this pane, the displayed categories ("date created, flag, has children, icon", etc.) CHANGE with selected item; I want this display be normalized, i.e. the SAME for ALL items (existent items, and new items).

Thus, I searched for all items ("*"), then selected all search hits in the search results table, then openend Tools-Options-Attributes, "checked" the attributes to be displayed, and selected "Apply" and "OK";

I also did the same with the Template "Text" (which is the common template of all my items).

To no avail: The columns displayed in the "Item Attributes" pane (of the db in question) CHANGE with the selected item, and some of the system attributes are NOT displayed (i.e. not even the column, with empty value column, is displayed).


I understand that in the dialog Tools-Attributes (different from the above-mentioned one), I can create new (user attributes), and I have also listed some "system" attributes which might be of interest to me:

in particular "system" attribute "Date Completed": This is checked as "System" there, so I would like it to be displayed in the pane "Item Attributes", since - see my other thread - I would "abuse" it for "original press-clip date"; this should be possible, since "Completed" would imply that I can fill out this data field manually?

Or the non-system attribute "Date Picture Taken", to be displayed in the "Item Attributes" pane, for ALL of my items?

ANY date (or even numeric or text) field would do, and which then would
- editable by me, and
- be displayed within the "Item Attributes" pane.


As said in 1), some fields are NOT displayed, among them (all of them "checked" for display) "Item Notes", Indent Level, Keywords (just Keyword Count), Lineage, Pending Reminder, Sync Date, Tree Order, and, as said in 1), for many items, very few attributes are displayed, without the attribute column being displayed (and then the value as empty: not even that).

Can you help please?
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