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The Item Attributes pane will only display attributes that actually exist for an item. If an item doesn't have a particular attribute, it won't show (because it doesn't exist). You would need to add that attribute to the item for it to display in the Item Attribute pane for that item.

If you add an attribute to a template item, that attribute will be created for every item of that template that you create after that (but it won't add the attribute to existing items of that template).

If you want a particular attribute to show for every item, you would need to add the attribute to every item that doesn't already have that attribute. You can do this by doing an advanced search on <Attribute> Not Exists, selecting all of the search results, going to the Item Attributes pane, and inserting the attribute.

Tools | Options | Attributes is used to specify which attributes (that exist for an item) will be displayed (or not) when the item is selected. It doesn't create item attributes that don't exist.
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