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New Tab Behavior

Currently, when you create a new tab, UR displays the content of whatever Info Item is currently selected in the new tab. This is confusing and distracting, because presumably you're creating a new tab to work with some other part of the tree or to go to a web page. Therefore, I would like to have an option to specify a "default" Info Item that would automatically be selected when a new tab is created. Having a default item, even if it's a blank item, or perhaps the My Data root item would make a lot more sense to me than simply creating a tab that duplicates the content of the current tab.

I realize you can work around this behavior using Favorites, or by right-clicking on an Info Item and choosing the "Open in new tab" option, but for users like myself who are accustomed to working with web browser tabs, the use of the "New tab" button on the tab bar is the way I'm accustomed to creating new tabs and the current behavior is counter-intuitive.
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