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Well, 160+ views and only 7 votes. My first guess would be users of this forum are largely not interested in polls. I say this mainly because most polls I've seen on this site have an extremely low vote to views ratio.

It's not that big a deal. There are more important discussions going on in the Kinook forums, but poll questions, results and usage patterns are somewhat interesting to me.

It probably would have been more appropriate to combine "don't understand" with "not sure". "Don't care/not important" should stand on it's own. Some may not be opposed to a particular suggestion, but just don't care one way or the other. The two "no" votes could actually be in this category, but combination with "don't understand" sent them to the cleaner "no" choice.

The lingering question for me is--are non-voting views in this and other polls mainly implicit "don't care" votes, implicit "not sure/don't understand" votes or indication of my initial premise (general lack of interest in polls)?

Okay, I've enjoyed this little dialog with myself and will now let this thread die a natural death. My thanks to those who voted.
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