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Originally posted by quant
"views counter" is not very useful cause if you opened this page 100 times, it would be 100. it should be more sophisticated and count only unique "customers" using ip/user information ...
Yeah, I do realize that. I wish there was another counter for unique views. But I've viewed this thread maybe 15-20 times and I doubt if anyone else has been here more than once or twice, so it's still indicative of a very low vote to view ratio. From what I've seen this is typical in many forums (fora if you wish).

It would be interesting to get feedback/insight from non-voters on why that is. A common answer would probably be: "I scan a post long enough to see if I'm interested. If not, I leave immediately." A very small percentage of forum users provide "90%" of the content and participation.

This is not really a big surprise to anyone. It's a natural consequence of short attention span that comes with so many varied interests and distractions. It's just that I suddenly got the urge to post some thoughts on it...
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