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quant, thanks I should have included ctrl+x (or ctrl+c), navigate to an item, then ctrl+v if I had thought about it. Haven't used that recently and it's one of the best techniques.

This comes a little closer, but still doesn't achieve what I'd like for quick notes. Although it's clever and works for simple text strings, normally I couldn't use handy places like browser address bar or search bar because my notes tend to be multi-paragraph and often include lists/tables.

Once I get started, my notes can become fairly elaborate. Of course there will be short scraps as well, but the part that needs to be "quick" for me is note setup. When I stop to think about the best place to put a note, what should the title be, how should I organize similar notes, etc., I can easily get off on a tangent and the idea may fade or disappear.

So my ideal is: have a thought -> switch to UR -> Quick Note button (or shortcut) -> start writing. With my custom template mentioned earlier, I only need two more steps: select my Quick Notes folder -> press Ins key -> start typing. So yes, there are helpful techniques, custom templates, etc., but the point here is achieving a single command where possible to eliminate even just one let alone two or more steps for things we do on a frequent basis.

The other half of the quick notes vision is floating, non-modal note windows that can be pinned to stay open independently of the main UR window. Then sticky note apps are eliminated, a small advantage of continuous tape PIMs is mitigated and the last ghostly remnant of a favorite Info Select feature is put to rest.

Ha, but if this is not feasible to implement in terms of effort required, I can live without it. Just brainstorming at this point and seeing what others think. When you start with something as amazing as UR, it's easy to get inspired!
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