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Error MSB3428 could not load VCBuild (which MSBuild invokes) - VS 2005


Here is the error

B:\SVN\Test\Test.vcproj : warning MSB4098: MSBuild is invoking VCBuild to build this project. Project-to-project references between VC++ projects (.VCPROJ) and C#/VB/VJ# projects (.CSPROJ, .VBPROJ, .VJSPROJ) are not supported by the command-line build systems when building stand-alone VC++ projects. Projects that contain such project-to-project references will fail to build. Please build the solution file containing this project instead.
B:\SVN\Test\Test.vcproj : error MSB3428: Could not load the Visual C++ component "VCBuild.exe". To fix this, 1) install the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK, 2) install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 3) add the location of the component to the system path if it is installed elsewhere.

I have VBP 9.2, running on Windows 7 Pro, with VS 2005, 2010 and 2015 installed (in that order)

So it would seem that point 2) in the error is satisfied. The project builds in VS2005 fine.

Any idea what this could indicate and how would I go about fixing it?

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