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VMWare Workstation step

I think I found a bug:

When the checkbox for "Prevent Prompting" is enabled in the Options Tab, I find that every other execution on the same VM machine, it'll error out with:

Error: Command failed: Insufficient permissions
I can run the command over and over again in a DOS prompt w/o issue, which led me to believe something within VBP.

I took a look at the .action file, and starting on line 88 is where the NoPrompt condition is checked.

You open the vmx file, but never close it. When VMWare starts it reads the file for writing, but cannot since VBP has exclusivity to it.

I added
just after the
f.WriteLine vbCrLf & NoPromptStr
line (line 91)

I don't have this problem anymore.

Maybe fixed for the next revision of VBP?

Btw, this is version 6.7:
Windows Version: 5.1.2600.3.0
Install path: C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro6
SftTree_IX86_U_50.dll version 5.06
unins000.exe version
VisBuildCmd.exe version
VisBuildPro.exe version
VisBuildBld.dll version
VisBuildBurn.dll version
VisBuildCore.dll version
VisBuildDotNET.dll version
VisBuildExt.dll version
VisBuildLog.dll version
VisBuildMisc.dll version
VisBuildMS.dll version
VisBuildMS2.dll version
VisBuildNet.dll version
VisBuildSvr.dll version
VisBuildSvr.Interop.dll version
VisBuildVCS.dll version

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