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Originally posted by kinook
The best thing would be for FoxitReader to do what UR does: support a URL protocol (a URL format for command-line launching, ala ur://C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/user/My%20Documents/My%20Stuff.urd?item=1000). Should be straightforward :^).

Alternatively, create a Windows shortcut with the target + command-line parameters, and hyperlink to the shortcut file in UR.
hmmm, neither option seems good. The first one would be nice but not feasible. The second is not efficient cause I'd need to create a link (ie. shortcut) and then link to link just to have simple thing done + my notes would depend on external shortcuts, grrrr.

OK, I change my question if the hyperlink parsing doesn't look good to you. What about giving user option to run any command line? So that the option in hyperlink would read File/URL/CMD

In that case I'd drag/drop file to item note, go to hyperlink option, precede it with "foxitreader.exe" and add "-n pagenumber" at the end, or whatever needed for any other program. How does this sound? Aaaargh, this is not going to work because of relative paths ...

ok, I give up ... have to find some other solution to read/annotate/hyperlink files in efficient way ... doing it in UR at the moment by pasting parts of the screenshorts from files, but if I cannot go directly to the point where the note comes from, it's too time consuming ...
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