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Hello Mark and quant.

(The "boy" was for your "scherk", but exchange of serious arguments is possible anytime, so

Yes, I hijacked this thread, but you did the opposite: You created a new thread for a problem that had been treated in another thread - you didn't add up to that one but authored a new one. I might be considered quite intrusive by many people, but then, if there's a thread to which I can add my additional details, I prefer people NOT having to read those "as they were all new" - might considered paradoxical within an overall view of my various contributions.

You're quite right, 100 bucks' sw has nothing to do with 1,000 bucks sw, but the problem is, there is NO such software that might be considered top-notch within this field, not for 100, and not for a thousand bucks, but you find many offerings within the legal field, within that second price range and above, but then, these are specialised tools that would present many quirks, every day, hampering your workflow, if ever you tried to use them for more general - or let's say, other than legal - uses.

When I "asked" for donations, it was cynicism (born out of disappointment from precisely that arrogant treatance we're entitled to here, and which you mention by saying "an extreme frustration likely to drive users away if they keep getting met with closed answers like "That sort of outlining within the UR rich text editor is not supported."" when in fact UR is a good product that is in need of much developments in order to cope with the 3rd milennium - it's more and more left behind, a you guys state more or less clearly) I KNOW that this is not a viable business venture. But quant WAS serious about it, so there's no reason to ridicule this ("cabaret" - btw, it had been I who introduced that term here, long ago), but then, I did top-notch IM sw in the late nineties, of which I sold FIVE light versions, and many of its details can't even be found today in high-priced products, so I know a little bit about the intricacies of marketing. On the other hand, as we all know, quant is the real UR expert here, and we're all indebted to him for that. All the better if he's not been in our position to market real good sw but with insufficient means. (Spectacular details of my sw then can be found here, in the MyInfo forum and in the outliner sw forum.)

Since I, a non-programmer, built it from a really bad sw language (ToolBook), I had to cope with a 32 k limit of any item's main content field, and even today, that sw language comes with the same 32 k limit (interesting here: Zoot was marketed with such a limit up to 2011, it's only now that they overcame it).

So I went away from my own product, using askSam instead (which I had used earlier, then programming my own thing in order to have something "better" - better in many, many ways, but certainly not in AS' core functionality of fast and complicated search, of course).

It hadn't been but in 2008 - just 4 years - I had been so fed up with AS that I bought the very first and easy outliner I could get hold of, which was ActionOutline: It's not able to "do anything", but creating a sibling, creating a sub, is unbelievably "natural".

I quickly got aware of its multiple shortcomings, so I evaluated "better" outliners; my choice went to MyInfo. In its day (5.07), it presented good searching capabilities, i.e. "search current db", "search open db's", "search all db's". It was buggy, it wasn't that stable, so I had several MI db's - I acknowledge that with UR's stability, you easily can do a monster db, hence the lesser need for trans-db search capability here.

After a time, I considered MI the "lesser" product to UR (two main reasons to that: MI's GUI which I think was really ugly (now with 6.07 it's become just a little bit less so), and the absence of any "super tree", i.e. no way to load multiple "projects": it's always "the whole big stuff" that clutters your screen, and that clutters your mind - be assured my own system, 15 years ago, had been almost incredible in this respect (you would be highly mistaken to infer from my saying that I'm a non-programmer, to any kind of simplemindedness in the realization of that product), so I imported my stuff to UR.

This is my 73rd post here, so some people here at least know that from beginning in, I was stuck with the - excuse me - INCREDIBLE un-intuitiveness of UR, and nobody could pretend I wasn't willing to share good ideas here in order to really improve this product. When I asked for a "recently-viewed items list", I was told there were too many subframes in the UR frame already, and this with 24" screens becoming ubiquitous, and without my having asked for mandatory display of such a list.

Main problem with UR is the monster file. I've got about 90 k of items in my workspace, with several hundred additional items every week. Not having any positive feedback when I asked for a super tree within the UR db here, and not getting any positive answer when I asked to leave at least the very first tab of several one (when hoisting in the prof. version) the way the user wants it to be, which would have made a "super tree" by doing all sorts of cloning there, then you would open just that sub-tree = "project" there you need at that very moment, and perhaps some other, "reference" parts of that primal tree), I was NOT able to do real PM (project management) with UR since whenever you open a (hoisted) subtree in any other tab, this expanding will be reflected within the very first, global tree, which by that can't serve you as a reference point within the chaos anymore.

My departure from UR was delayed by my "discovery" of the possibility to mis-use UR's related items pane as an "intermediate" pane (cf. the "tips and tricks" section here), and I tried to do all my work within that pane, in the middle now, leaving UR's tree as a "super tree" only. But then, the sparse functionality of that related items pane wasn't that suited to do all work there (i.e. no tree, not even a graphically acceptable indication if an item has children or not), so, in the absence of any chances to have some really good PM functionality within UR and within reasonable time

- please understand that the functionality is there, and that I know that: you can do multiple clones of subtrees and create a "perfect" PM system this way, but graphically, it's so terribly cluttered then that I simply cannot cope with such chaos; if you guys hadn't had similar problems on a further-down level of things, you'd never had asked for hoisting, right? -,

I finished by cutting up my UR db's from 1 to 5 to 50 to more than 100... if I remember well, it was quant who incredulously asked how in heaven I could imagine such a collection of UR files to be "working". And indeed, it did NOT work for me. (In my last months with MI, I had done almost the same there, cutting up my db into many db's, hence my "need" for a trans-db search function.)

Within brackets: A search add-on for trans-db search in UR? Well, the big difference is not the additional payment, the big difference is that such an in-built function (cf. MI - but there's no Boolean search in MI, which makes it worthless for my needs) guides you to the very item in which the hit is found, whilst by using an external search tool (and even today, there are several such search tools able to search UR files, and even processing European characters correctly!), you will then have to open your UR db and do a second search within that db in order to identify the corresponding item.
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