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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
VBP implements an order of precedence (temporary, project, global, system [highest to lowest]) when macros are referenced like %MACRO_NAME% within step fields (or like Application.ExpandMacrosAndScript("%MACRO_NAME%") within script code), and overriding a project macro (which defines the default) with a temporary macro (on the command-line) is an ideal use of this feature. See the following help topics/samples for more details: (3rd from last bullet)
I realize this is an old topic but I couldn't find an answer to my question and this thread was the closest I could get. I attempted to pass a value on the command line to change the value of a project macro. However this method caused a temporary macro to be created instead. From reading the thread and the links this is expected. Is there any way other than some workaround (registry/external file) to define a project macro on the command line?
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