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It has not. Due to Mozilla's bright idea to dump all old extensions in favor of WebExtension, which is much more limited, it would require us to

a) develop some other communication mechanism between the browser and UR. This is complicated by the fact that UR is a 32-bit application, while most browsers will be 64-bit. ShellExecute (the functionality of which was available in the old extension framework) takes care of all that and also starting UR if not running.
b) create an entirely new browser extension to communicate with UR via that mechanism.
c) test all of the changes
d) incorporate the changes into the UR installer

This will not be trivial.

There's always
1) copy/paste
2) drag/drop
3) Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, keystroke configured at Tools | Options | Import | Import clipboard contents hotkey
4) Tools | Quick Options | Import: Automatically import clipboard changes, Ctrl+C.
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