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Version 2.0b

Released on June 27, 2006

Bug fixes
  • UR sometimes hangs when activated after starting minimized or after closing a database.
  • Hang when reminder with invalid Recurring attribute value dismissed.
  • Document attributes deleted when changing to a derived document template.
  • Error could occur when changing item's template or when importing Outlook objects.
  • Exclude excluded keywords from quick search.
  • Additional fixes for Outlook toolbar docked position not sticking.
  • Cut in search results disabled.
  • Fix for handling of 'n months' reminder values.
  • Menu customizations don't persist.
  • Increase max number of items loaded in attribute completion drop-downs from 250 to 10,000.
  • Outlook add-in and IE buttons not available in non-admin installation.
  • Installing as non-admin on Vista Beta 2 prompts for admin password.
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