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Version 3.0.4

Released on April 13, 2007

Bug fixes
  • Crash on Vista when accessing menus with Speech Recognition and/or Narrator running.
  • Error processing redirected URL during import could result in page not getting imported.
  • Ignore 'Automatically skip unreachable URLs' option when importing a single file or URL.
  • Error dismissing reminder with no begin date or begin time or in read-only database.
  • 'More data is available' error when importing after selecting hundreds of files on previous import.
  • Command-line import, drag/drop, and copy/paste import of files/URLs uses last source option selected in Import wizard.
  • Don't access internet when importing web page linked without processing for keywords, summary, or icon information.
  • Prevent logically linking system items.
  • Basic repair ('Tools | Compact and Repair' with first Repair option checked and second unchecked) removes logical links to system items.
  • Insert button disabled on Calendar dialog if read-only database opened during same session.
  • Edit | Insert Date+Time (Alt+Z) disabled in form fields.
  • Change default shortcut for 'Edit | Insert Hyperlink' to Ctrl+Shift+K to not conflict with Ctrl+Shift+L in text editor to toggle numbering format; change default 'Item | Format | Strikeout' shortcut from Ctrl+Shift+K to Ctrl+Shift+U (use 'Tools | Customize | Keyboard | Reset All' to use new defaults).
  • Prevent customization of tear-off toolbars.
  • Enable copying root tree item when hoisted.
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