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Lightbulb Layouts

It would be very nice to be able to create a Layout, then go to View/Layout/Save Layout As.... Custom Layout Name a, b, c, ...n

In other words, the first step of the Customize a new Layout process would be to create any new Layout of users choice, then "save it as" - not have it automatically change the existing Layout that one started in - but save as a new one - preserving the previous one, and to be able to create any number of custom Layouts:

and then - instead of UR defualt naming them as Layout 1, 2, ... 6 being able to give the Layouts meaningful custom names... Like:

Search Results - all Columns Visible
Child-Parent Items Full Horizontal
any number of them the user wants to create...

Regarding meaningful naming this would be akin to what Kinook provided for us when they gave us the ability to custom name Item Flags...
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