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Originally posted by kinook
You can customize the names of layouts -- Tools | Customize, then click on View, Layouts on the menu, right-click on Layout 1, click on the Name field and enter the desired name.

You can also tear off the Layouts menu to create a Layouts toolbar (while not customizing [close the Customize dialog if opened as described in previous paragraph], Select View | Layouts on the menu, then drag/drop the top border above Layout 1), and the names of the toolbar items can also be customized as above.

You should have only one database open when customizing layouts, then exit UR and restart to save all layout changes so the customizations will be used for all databases that are opened.
The more we dig the more customizable and feature-packed UR turns out to be! Hopefully usability will be gradually enhanced over time to make all that power easier to find, understand and use. Some of this is a matter of us (me) being patient, reading carefully and gradually trying things out, but providing multiple ways to do the same thing and improvements to Help would contribute a lot as well.

As for having to make sure only one database is open before customizing layouts, this is yet another factor convincing me to combine my two small (9 and 3 MB) databases into one. Multiple database integration is still somewhat of a patchwork.

One of the layouts I'm planning is a hoisted view of My Journal with the current year already selected/expanded. Let's say layout 2. I'm now wondering what happens with layout 2 if I close that database and open a different one which does not contain My Journal as compared to having both of these databases open at the same time?
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