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Originally posted by cnewtonne
My input was based on using xp. Even though the 'subst' command exists in windows 7, I heard/read about issues getting it to work and how to resolve them.
Thanks for the heads up, for it reminds me of the issues I encountered when I used 'subst' extensively years past. I've forgotten most of the others, but the gravest problem (for me) is still vivid: files/folders deleted from a subst-ed drive do not go into the recycled bin. That makes managing files on the drive a risky endeavor.

I know, one can be careful and always use the original path instead of the subst-ed drive for such purposes, but I made such mistakes frequent enough for me to abandon the trick in the end. Tested again just now and the problem is still there, so I would go this route only when it's the only way.

I haven't tried it (or thought it through) yet, but I think using symlinks alone should be good enough.
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