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Would be nice...

Originally posted by kinook
The 'Use relative path for file within database folder' option on the Insert Hyperlink dialog applies only to filenames like D:\Temp\test.urd and not UR inter-DB links like ur://D:/Temp/test.urd?item=1006,1000.
Have restricted my linking between UR databases to "file level" rather than "item level" for this very reason.
Any chance of getting "relative path for UR inter-DB item links" acknowledged as feature request?

PS: A while ago i discovered, if i remember correctly:
. ur:///Temp/Sample.urd?item=#,#,#,#
will get item within "Sample.urd" stored within "Temp" folder on system drive, eg. where UR & Windows are installed, usually C: drive. Could be useful for those who only use C: drive whilst waiting for enhancement?
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