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Originally Posted by cnewtonne View Post
I did find out about this later and this is how I worked around it ...
1) I use folder sync software to sync/backup my databases hourly.
2) This is where software tools like MacroExpress really really really shine. I wrote a marco to disable the delete key when the Q:\ drive window is open. I attached a screen paste.
Once again, thanks for sharing.

No argument with your first point. I do have multiple backups of my data.

Your second suggestion probably won't work for me, for

1) last time I tried, MacroExpress had some unicode-related issues.
2) while I do use other similar utilities, disabling the Del key isn't going to be enough for me, for I use the toolbar button (in Directory Opus or XYplorer) to delete files quite often.

I think it's not a big issue for me for I have always reserved drive letter D for my main data partition. As long as I can put all my .urd files in one permanent location on D:, I should be able to avoid the issue of missing cross-links. And even if for some reason they need to be re-located, creating a symlink in its original location shouldn't be hard. At least it should work till Kinook solves the problem on their end.
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