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VBP has 4 global files called VisBuildPro.config, VisBuildPro.macros, VisBuildPro.Global.scripts, and VisBuildPro.steps. The location for these files is specified by selecting the Tools->File Locations menu from within the VBP main program window. These are XML files, and are pretty self-explanatory as to their layout. I have included the .steps and .macros files in this zip because there are custom global build steps and macros that the solution uses.

As for the other problem, that was an oversight on my part. I failed to include the .action files that this custom build step requires to register the steps with VBP. I've updated the zip file to include these, so you can get the updated one from the same link that you got the original one. Just copy the .action files into the same location where you copied the other files. You may need to change the filename field for the steps under the RegisterCustomSteps subroutine, as I think they are currently pointing to a specific location on my system.

Thanks for trying this out. I hoped it would be useful to someone else. Let me know if you have any more trouble.
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