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UR's Export Is Unreliable

After heavy editing - I didn't want to do a tort - I'm positive now:

UR ist faulty in its csv export. It does mix up item titles, be they direct neighbours or in the vicinity one to the other. The exported item list is NOT necessarily in the order of the items in the original tree, and thus, copying this list into an AO tree (or any other prog) and then doing a one-by-one copy and paste operation between the two progs will fill up a posssibly FALSE tree, taken not from the original tree, but from the export list (original content of item 200 becoming the content of item 202, and vice versa, e.g.).

All my programming efforts here are not at fault, neither is the Windows clipboard function, nor is AO or any of my editors : manual comparing of the items, one by one, of the raw, un-processed list exported by UR shows, here and there, or even many, discrepancies between the UR tree and the exported list.

The thread's title is correct then, and for the time being, I cannot see that it's some special chars in those title lines that trigger the mixing up.

Thus, intermediate solution, selecting the original tree, copying it into a second list, and let Beyond Compare compare for discrepancies. Then, wherever necessary, manual reordering of misplaced items in UR's faulty export list, needed to be processed by the script for the tab info.

Thus, people using UR's export (and perhaps also print???) functions for serious business, should check UR's output twice.

But now, let's have a good laugh together :

If you copy the tree directly from UR's original tree - which doesn't function well / always at first try... -, you can paste that clipboard content directly into AO or whatever, with all the leading tabs in the right places altogether. So, my formidable detour by UR's faulty export tree, then being (correctly) processed by my TSE script : 100 p.c. unnecessary.

All this unpaid extra work just for discovering that UR's Export Is Unreliable. Frightening.

But anything can be topped, then :

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