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Originally Posted by schferk View Post
You'll remember I said that's the reason why UR, in order to survive - and get a much more interesting market as well -, has to resolutely adopt the way I've advocated and detailed here, since, this becoming more and more common sense for everybody, in the "consumer market", there is no place left for applications like UR, exactly for the reasons detailed by me and summed up by "Dormouse" in his "The antithesis of UR really."

Of course, there is also and ever that problem of developers too much inclined in wanting to "be decently paid", instead of doing some work in order to produce excellence, all the more so considering that such outlays would pay if done in a strategic way (cf. those details).
I don't think that developers wanting to be decently paid is a problem at all. It is entirely reasonable unless they are just doing it for pleasure or as a charitable enterprise.

I suspect that I would disagree with you about the likely success of your proposals, but would need someone to give a brief summary of what they are to give an opinion.

The market trend has been dumbing software down as well as making some uses easier (the two are not the same). UR is a highly complex program with many functions; if it were dumbed down it would be a very different thing. I think that most users (including me) value it for that complexity and would not want it reduced (and most feature requests I've seen are for extra complexity, options etc, rather than less.
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