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Originally Posted by schferk View Post

What did I relentlessly preach here? No clones, no tags, since neither will travel.

No pun whatsoever intended.
I think this is correct in a world where everything has to be portable, where you can't rely on the software at all to do what you want it to do.

And, you are correct, too, in that no clones, no tags - probably no internal connections at all - is the safest way to go.

But living life in the life boat instead of partaking of the cruise? What's the point of having feature-rich software if you're not going to be able to use the features?

That said, I have made some "self-defense" moves. For instance, in-line text based tags. I use things like 224study, which URP treats different from 332study. And so on. And I think any full-text search function would also make the differentiation, so that kind of tag is fully portable.

It's a pain, though. And it remains a first world problem.

I read your comment about that phrase, and while you're correct that we should not wait to solve first-world problems before tackling those of the developed world (that is your meaning, yes?), the fact is that I have the good fortune and blessing that arises from not having to trudge a half-hour down to a river to put some water on my shoulders and carry it back to my hovel where my sickly kids are wondering when the next batch of swill is going to come in.

I also believe that development of solutions for first world problems can have huge leveraged and beneficial effects on the third world. So there is no intent in my meaning that 1st world problems be left unsolved. But surely, you can see the difference, and be grateful for the difference in your lot versus that of the mom who cries herself to sleep because she can't find a doctor within 50 miles of her home to help her child with a penicillin-treatable ear infection.

For me, the differentiation of these kinds of problems gives me a sense of perspective that I find useful. It reminds me that there is a difference between almost any of the problems I face compared with the much harsher problems that others face, and this enables me to feel a tad embarrassed if I ever get to hot under the collar about something like Kinook not following the road map. I speak only for myself and do not expect you or anyone else to accept what I say as valid. It is only meant for consideration - and perhaps a bit of provocation.

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