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I have sent a backup of the file with the error in it. I removed all my other pages except the one that gives the error to keep the file size small.

I am not sure exactly how to reproduce it but I can tell you I copied several pictures into a Text Info page from a web site.

I have since deleted that page and have moved on without any other errors in that data file but I lost all the info in that page.

What I was trying to do was copy some pictures from a web page to store along with related pages and text.

For example I went to this web site: and right clicked on a picture, selected Copy and then back in UR I Pasted the picture into a Text page. I did this with about 3-4 pictures along with some text under each picture and everything was great.

I have several other Text pages in my file that I have done this with and they are all fine. I had even viewed this page several times after I was finished pasting the pictures and everything was fine. Then all of a sudden I got this error but only on the one Text page. All my other pages where I had also copied pictures were fine.
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